About Interlog

Servisoft considers the posture adopted by Interlog ("Apple IMC Portugal") unacceptable versus the business ethics implied by its role as Apple Computer's representative (cf. http://www.apple.com/investor , Governance, Ethics). Among others:

About LojApple

Its "Recovery/bankrupcy process" is ongoing at a portuguese "Business court": Tribunal do Comércio de Vila Nova de Gaia, 2º Juízo, process number 659/03. On August 18, 2004, a majority of creditors voted the coercive pardon of (80% of) the collective debt; but the creditors were led in volume by Interlog and 3 other creditors which Servisoft does not recognize: DTE, CCD and SIMAC. These 4 creditors (1 legitimate, and the 3 others contested by Servisoft) make a sufficient majority.

Portuguese companies have their capital structure, directors etc declared in a national "business registry", "Conservatória do Registo Comercial". The following certificates, which Servisoft obtained recently,  prove what the market (and Interlog) has always known for years: LojApple, DTE, CCD and SIMAC Porto are resellers owned and managed by the same 3 partners: Miguel do Carmo, João Donga and José Manuel Castro.

LojApple Page 1, 2, 3
DTE Page 1, 2, 3, 4
CCD Page 1, 2, 3
Simac Porto Pages 1..11 (zipped PDFs). This is their older company, hence more changes

LojApple acted as a "master buyer" and centralized warehouse for itself and the other 3 companies DTE, CCD and Simac Porto. This was well known to the market, and to Interlog, namely because its sales were done just to LojApple - and also because Servisoft complained to the court about it. This distributed configuration was clearly described to Servisoft at several occasions, including a meeting on Sep 19, 2000.

Furthermore, the documentation for credits in court did NOT include invoices, just the plain statement of debt (submitted by the same debtor and creditor representatives, the same partners!). All other credits in the process file have invoices to support them, of course.

For institutional implications of this affair, see the open email to Interlog.

The latest developments are the Servisoft action (659/03.7TYVNG-A) towards cancellation of the "debt pardon", which will finally allow auditing into the (so far unavailable) accounting records of the 4 companies; also, TechData (via C2000) has more recently demanded the bankruptcy of CCD.

About Webzone, Netcetera and Minitel

The companies Webzone and Netcetera seem to be the direct beneficiaries of the LojApple "collapse", and share installations with LojaApple and Minitel. Webzone's website started by having a single page referring LojApple's. LojApple personel emails referred (at least) Webzone in their stationery footers. Market communication is usually done associating Lojapple to Webzone. 

Webzone is fully owned by the main Minitel / Multiplezones partners.